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Smart bookmark manager for your links, articles, websites, or videos

Kome's Bookmark Manager simplifies saving and organizing bookmarks, providing easy access through the browser extension. Save any link, article, website, or video with Kome's intuitive interface. Never lose track of valuable content again with Kome's powerful bookmarking capabilities.

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Bookmark any Text or Link

Kome allows you to conveniently bookmark and organize any text or link you come across. With just a few clicks, you can save valuable information, articles, and important URLs for future reference. Simplify your content management and never lose track of crucial details with Kome's versatile bookmarking capabilities.

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Bookmark Images and Videos

Kome takes bookmarking to the next level by allowing you to effortlessly save and categorize images and videos. Whether it's captivating visuals, informative tutorials, or inspiring media, Kome's advanced bookmarking feature ensures you can easily access and revisit your favorite visual content.

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Access Easily with the Search

Kome makes bookmark accessing easier with its robust search functionality. No more digging through countless bookmarks to find what you need. With Kome's intelligent search feature, you can instantly locate specific bookmarks, articles, links, or media items. Save valuable time by quickly retrieving your desired content with Kome's powerful search capability.

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Requires Zero Organization Effort

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually organizing bookmarks. Kome takes care of it for you. Kome automatically organizes your bookmarks, eliminating the need for tedious categorization and folder creation. Enjoy a clutter-free bookmarking experience where everything is neatly sorted, allowing you to focus on what matters most - accessing and utilizing your saved content with ease.

Use Cases


Ensure Research Success - Never lose vital information during your research papers. Bookmark texts and access them later with ease, streamlining your academic journey.


Boost Productivity - Bookmark links to valuable resources, tutorials, and code snippets for future reference. Empower your development process with quick and convenient access to essential materials.


Ignite Creativity - Capture inspiring images and videos by bookmarking them. Fuel your creative flow with a curated collection of visual inspiration, enhancing your design projects.


Supercharge Collaboration - Bookmark articles and links to valuable resources, enabling seamless sharing with your team. Collaborate efficiently and stay up-to-date with the latest marketing insights.


Elevate Content Creation - Bookmark articles and useful resources for your next blog post. Plus, with Kome's innovative features, you can compose blog posts directly from your bookmarks, taking your writing to new heights.

Travel Enthusiasts

Plan Memorable Trips - Bookmark travel blogs, destination guides, and itineraries, creating a personalized travel repository for planning and organizing your dream vacations.

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